Articles and Publications

  • Dallas man takes Nevada county to court over brothel license, April 5, 2009 - The Dallas Morning News

  • RESIDENCY REQUIREMENT: Man sues over brothel deal - Texan says Nye County officials violated rights by refusing license, Mar. 21, 2009 - Las Vegas Review-Journal

  • Bitter Lawyer - by Bitter Success, November 14, 2008
  • The End of the Net Porn Wars – ABA Journal, February 2008 – Jason Krause

  • Legal Q&A with Clyde DeWitt - AVN Online, March 2007 – Kathee Brewer

  • C. DeWitt, Representing the Adult Entertainment Industry, Vol.22, No.4 Entertainment and Sports Lawyer 1 (A.B.A. Winter, 2005).

  • Del Mar 'whorehouse' shut down – Review Journal, May 05, 2005 - By J.M. KALIL

  • Naked Ambition – The Recorder, September 2004 – Anita Chambria

  • Author of Legal Commentary column in Adult Video News, the trade journal of the adult video industry, since 1990 and in AVN Online, the trade journal of the Internet adult video industry since its initial publication in 1997. Six articles in that series were used in a course supplement Boalt Hall School of Law, University of California at Berkeley. P. Menell & D. Given, Course Supplement, Entertainment Law, Law 278.7 (Spring, 1999). Articles from AVN or AVN Online have been cited in the following scholarly journals:

    • L. Walters & C. DeWitt, Obscenity in the Digital Age: The Re-Evaluation Of Community Standards, 10 NEXUS: A Journal of Opinion 59 (2005).

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    • C. DeWitt, Evidence of Flight in Texas Criminal Cases, 10 Hous. L. Rev. 184 (1972).

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